Using an all-natural approach, we offer all forms of greenspace solutions from simple yard maintenance, to fertilization and weed control. We are a one-stop solution for rough cutting and large area cutting.
Kurtis Peterson, Owner/Operator

Mowing + Cutting + Cleanup

We use proper timing and precision equipment to ensure proper lawn health.

Rough cutting + Large Area Cutting

For large areas of land and recreational areas.

Fertilization + Aeration + Weed Control

We refrain from using harsh chemicals in favor of an all-natural approach when possible.

Flower Planting + Maintenance

Beautifying your green space.

Our Services


Our lawn cutting occurs once a week, as your lawn needs it. We use the best practices in spring, summer and fall to keep your lawn's long-term health in mind.

Our commercial equipment is regularily maintained to ensure a sharp cut, resulting in a level lawn.


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Our yard blowout. This service cleans out all of the dead grass, leaves, rocks, gravel and debris, which prevents your lawn and soil from aborbing nutrient. Performing this routine regularily ensures a healthy, thick lawn.

We clean up all clippings from sidewalks, driveways and stairs. We will mulch, bag and dispose of clippings in your yard wastebin.

Fertilization & Weed Control

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